New York Times "Giving Women the Access Code"

Maria Klawe, PhD, President of Harvey Mudd College, discusses women in computer science in this week's Science Section of the New York Times in the article "Giving Women the Access Code."


"Wellcome Trust launches venture-capital business"

"The Wellcome Trust – the world's largest non-governmental funder of biomedical research* – is branching out into venture capital. The London-based organization announced today (20 March) that it would launch a £200 million business to invest directly in health-care and life-sciences companies. That's a small but noteworthy change of strategy for the charity, which hands out £600 million in research grants each year and has a £14 billion endowment."


Nancy Hopkins in "Nature" - A passion for science without barriers

Nancy Hopkins, Rosalind Franklin Society Board Member and Professor of Biology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was interviewed in an article entitled "A passion for science without barriers" in this week's issue of Nature.

Astia's 2012 Call for Applications Are Now Open

The Astia Global Entrepreneur Program has announced their 2012 Call for Applications, open now through February 4, 2012. 


Edith Widder on "Illuminating the Perils of Pollution, Nature’s Way"

Edith Widder, PhD, CEO, President and Senior Scientist at the Ocean Research and Conservation Association and RFS Board Member, was featured in The New York Times this week in a lead Science Times article "Illuminating the Perils of Pollution, Nature's Way."