Upcoming Deadlines for Keystone Symposia Conferences

The first abstract/scholarship deadline is rapidly approaching for Keystone Symposia's January 2013 conferences. Submit an abstract or apply for a scholarship if you are a student or postdoctoral fellow by September 10, 2012.  Submitting an abstract also makes you eligible for possible selection by the organizers to give a short talk.

Below are the deadlines occuring in the month of September 2012.  For the most timely reminders, visit the Keystone Symposia website to download deadlines to your Outlook or other electronic calendars. 

For more information on Keystone Symposia's conference season and to submit abstracts or register please click here.



Abstract &

Scholarship Deadline                     Conference 



Sep 10, 2012                                 Type 2 Immunity: Initiation, Maintenance, Homeostasis and Pathology (J1) joint with                                         

                                                       Pathogenic Processes in Asthma and COPD (J2)

                                                       January 10-15, 2013

                                                       Santa Fe Community Convention Center, Santa Fe, NM, USA


Sep 12, 2012                                 Multiple Sclerosis (A1)

                                                       January 13-18, 2013

                                                       Big Sky Resort, Big Sky, MT, USA


Sep 12, 2012                                 New Frontiers in Cardiovascular Genetics Beyond GWAS (A2)

                                                       January 13-18, 2013

                                                       Granlibakken Resort, Tahoe City, CA, USA


Sep 13, 2012                                  Frontiers of NMR in Biology (A3)

                                                        January 13-18, 2013

                                                        Snowbird Resort, Snowbird, UT, USA


Sep 13, 2012                                 Hematopoiesis (A4)

                                                       January 14-19, 2013

                                                       Sheraton Steamboat Resort, Steamboayt Springs, CO, USA


Sep 18, 2012                                 Emerging Topics in Immune System Plasticity: Cellular Networks, Metabolic Control and Regeneration (A5)

                                                       January 15-20, 2013

                                                       Santa Fe Community Convention Center, Santa Fe, NM, USA


Sep 19, 2012                                 Plant Abiotic Stress and Sustainable Agriculture: Translating Basic Understanding to Food Production (A6)

                                                       January 17-22, 2013

                                                       Sagebrush Inn and Conference Center, Taos, NM, USA


Sep 20, 2012                                 Noncoding RNAs in Development and Cancer (A7)

                                                       January 20-25, 2013

                                                       Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, Vancouver, BC, Canada


Sep 20, 2012                                Malaria (A8)

                                                      January 20-25, 2013

                                                      JW Marriott New Orleans, New Orleans, LA, USA

                                                     Global Health Travel Award Application Deadline: August 21, 2012


Sep 24, 2012                                 Metabolic Control of Inflammation and Immunity (A9) - Watch a video with organizer Vishva Dixit

                                                      January 21-26, 2013

                                                      Beaver Run Resort, Breckenridge, CO, USA


Sep 25, 2012                                Antibodies as Drugs (J3) joint with

                                                      Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy (J4)

                                                      January 27- February 1, 2013

                                                      Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, Vancouver, BC, USA


Sep 27, 2012                               Adipose Tissue Biology (J5) joint with

                                                     Diabetes - New Insights into Mechanism of Disease and its Treatment (J6)

                                                     January 27- February 1, 2013

                                                     Keystone Resort, Keystone, CO, USA


*Registration is still open for the September 10-15, 2012 conference on Pulmonary Vascular Disease and Right Ventricular Dysfunction: Current Concepts and Future Therapies in Monterey, California, USA and to submit an abstract and register for the October 22-27, 2012 conference on Aging and Diseases of Aging in Tokyo, Japan and the December 13-18, 2012 conference on Immunological Mechanisms of Vaccination in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

  • Scholarships and URM (Underrepresented Minority) Scholarships are available in amounts up to 1,200 USD for application. Please visit www.keystonsymposia.org/Scholarships for more details.
  • Deadlines are typically four months, three months and two months before meeting start dates for abstracts/scholarships, late-breaking abstracts and early/discounted registration, respectively.
  • Submitting an abstract by the first abstract deadline saves 50 USD on the later fee, while signing up by the early/discounted registration deadline saves 150 USD on later fees.























U.S. National Academy Gives Itself a Facelift

Jeffrey Mervis, ScienceInsider , 1 May 2012

The U.S. National Academy of Sciences (NAS) is regarded as the most prestigious honorary scientific society in the country. But it also has a reputation for being old, white, and male. Today its members took a big step toward changing their image by inviting a younger and more diverse group of scientists to join them.

This year's class of 84 new members includes 26 women. That number far exceeds the previous record of 19, set in 2005. In addition, the class's average age has dropped by 3.5 years from last year, to 58.

"We are trying to become more diverse by age, gender, geographic location, and ethnicity," says Susan Wessler, a plant geneticist at the University of California, Riverside, and NAS home secretary. "But we haven't changed the criterion—it's still outstanding science."