Rosalind Franklin Society Applauds General Electric Ad Campaign

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Rosalind Franklin Society Applauds General Electric Ad Campaign Recognizing the Contributions of Women Innovators and

Inspiring Future Generations of Female Scientists



New Rochelle, NY—Though the main objective of General Electric’s (GE) current television ad campaign, “Childlike Imagination” is to illustrate that : imagination = innovation; a fortuitous byproduct is the spotlight shed on women in science: the life-changing inventions they create, and the call-to-action they provide to their daughters and other young women to “dream big!” "We think it's important to convey the message that science and technology isn't only a guy thing", added Danielle Merfeld, Technology Director for Electrical Technologies and Systems at GE Global Research. "We want girls - and boys - to dream big, to be inquisitive and innovative from an early age. In today's world, the value of a STEM education is so important, and GE is proud to do its part to inspire the scientists and engineers of tomorrow."

The Rosalind Franklin Society (RFS) is thrilled to share the compelling ad with our community. RFS’s mission is to recognize the work of outstanding women scientists as well as to foster greater opportunities for women scientists, and to motivate and educate by example, young generations of women who have this calling. According to RFS President, Professor Rita Colwell, PhD., “Great storytelling, even if it’s in the form of an ad, like GE’s, can have the power to breakdown longstanding and pervasive barriers that hold women back from believing and achieving their dreams of being successful in science.”

The new spot focuses on what GE looks like through the eyes of a young girl whose mom works at the company. Children have wild imaginations and GE makes inventive and innovative products that can seem almost unbelievable. The add brings viewers on a journey into a child’s imagination as she envisions all the amazing things her mom makes -- underwater fans that are powered by the moon, airplane engines that can talk, hospitals you can hold in your hand, and more.

“It’s amazing that a few powerful images combined with one simple phrase -- my mom works at GE – can educate the public and change lives,” asserts RFS Co-Founder, Mary Ann Liebert. The Society educates the public, policy makers, and the press community about the significant contributions of women to scientific research and their impact, and shares stories, about The Rosalind Franklin Society.

RFS’s esteemed Board is comprised of many true pioneers in their scientific fields – with 5 Nobel Laureates, eminent researchers, educators, administrators, and applied scientists. RFS is initiating a new Council of Corporate Leadership, representing business leaders who understand the need to address the barriers faced by women in typically male-dominated professions. For more information contact the Rosalind Franklin Society: (914) 740-2219 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


About the Rosalind Franklin Society  

The Rosalind Franklin Society recognizes, fosters, and makes known the important contributions of women in science. In so doing, the Society honors the achievements of the late Rosalind Franklin, who helped solve the structure of DNA.The Founding Board of the Rosalind Franklin Society is comprised of women and men who understand the importance of recognizing the work of prominent women scientists, foster greater opportunities for women in the life sciences and related disciplines and educate, by example, and encourage young generations of women who have this calling.

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